What is the &Co.MMUNITY Card?

The &Co.MMUNITY Card is the card of the MAX&Co. loyalty programme that rewards your shopping! For each order you place, the amount of the products you purchase will be converted into DOTs, giving you access to fantastic rewards based on the Status Tier you reach.

What are DOTs? How are DOTs earned?

A DOT is simply a point. Dots are accrued on your &Co.mmunity Card to gain access to fantastic rewards. You can earn dots as follows:

€1 = 1 dot earned on all items not on promotion

€2 = 1 dot earned on all items on promotion

€1 = 1 dot earned on a Gift Card amount purchased

What’s more, a purchase made remotely for an amount of €300 or more will earn you 50 bonus dots (added the next day).

What are STATUS tiers? What are they for?

Status tiers let you access your exclusive rewards!

Your reach status tiers by accruing DOTs:

·       From 0 to 250 dots earn you PEACH status;

·       From 251 to 600 dots earn you PINK status;

·       From 601 to 1,800 dots earn you PURPLE status;

·       1,801 dots or more earn you RED status.

What are the rewards I gain access to?

Rewards vary depending on the Status tier you reach with the dots accrued!

To see all the services your status has access to, check out the page &Co.MMUNITY or the Rules and Regulations of the &Co.mmunity loyalty programme.

Confirmation of my dots is pending. What does that mean?

Dots accrued with online orders are placed on hold until the end of the return period. After this period, i.e. 30 days, the dots will be automatically unlocked.

Dots accrued with the purchase of one or more items in-store are added directly; there is no pending period.

Where can I check my DOT balance?

You can check your DOT balance:

I’m having problems with my DOT balance. What could be wrong?

The balance might not have been updated due to a technical glitch or a problem with order fulfilment. Please contact our Customer Service for more information.

What happens to my DOT balance if I make a return?

If one or more items are returned, the dots accrued with the purchase of the returned item will be subtracted from your balance.

Can I transfer my dots to someone else?

No, your dots cannot be transferred or given as a gift to another &Co.mmunity Card holder.

If stolen or lost, you can block your &Co.mmunity Card and activate a new one; the dots accrued up to that point will be added to your new Card.

I already activated an &Co.mmunity Card at a store. Can I also use it online?

Yes, simply associate the number of your &Co.mmunity Card with your personal account.

Click here to log in to your personal area; you will find all the instructions you need to complete this operation.

If, instead, you already have an &Co.mmunity Card but don’t have a personal account, you can create one right away and associate it with your Card number during the sign-up process. Click here to sign up and create your personal account.

I requested an &Co.mmunity Card online. Can I use it to accrue points when I shop at a store?

Yes, your &Co.mmunity Card lets you accrue dots online and at &Co.mmunity loyalty programme participating stores. It doesn’t matter if you activated it via the website or at a participating store. Just have with you the code of your &Co.mmunity Card, or the code emailed to you (if activated online).

I lost my &Co.mmunity Card. What should I do?

Don’t worry! If lost, you can block your &Co.mmunity Card and activate a new one in the section My Account; the dots accrued up to that point will be added to your new Card.

Where can I consult the rules and regulations of the &Co.mmunity loyalty programme?

You can consult the rules and regulations concerning the &Co.mmunity Card here.

Can I use a promo code (received as a status reward) on top of other promotions?

No, any promotions and/or discounts you have cannot be combined with the &Co.mmunity loyalty programme.

Do I earn dots if I buy a Gift Card?

Yes, you will earn a number of dots equivalent to the amount you choose for the Gift Card (€1 = 1 DOT).

Does paying an item with a Gift Card earn me dots?

No, dots are only earned when the Gift Card is issued and not when it is spent.

What rewards can be used in-store?

The page of the &Co.MMUNITY loyalty programme lists the services available at each store.

How do I gain access to the Special Discount?

The Special Discount reward is available from PINK status up. You will receive a special invitation to access extraordinary offers just for you!

Click here to see all the rewards of the &Co.mmunity programme.

How can I book my Exclusive in-store Styling Session?

The Exclusive Styling Session is available only at select MAX&Co. stores.

Check the list of stores or contact us by WhatsApp.

How do I use the complimentary Gift Card reward?

The Gift Card is awarded only once when you move from one status to another and it is emailed to you.

The amount differs depending on the status reached:

  • From PEACH to PINK: complimentary €25 Gift Card;
  • From PINK to PURPLE: complimentary €50 Gift Card;
  • From PURPLE to RED: complimentary €100 Gift Card.

If you move across several status tiers within the same month, the Gift Card amount will be equivalent to the sum of the amounts of the unlocked Gift Cards. 

For example, if you move from Peach status (€25) straight into Purple status (50€), you will receive a complimentary €75 Gift Card. 

Note: the complimentary Gift Card will be sent within 45 (FORTY-FIVE) days of reaching the status. If you reach the tier on a date that coincides with the end of the month, the complimentary Gift Card will be sent within 15 (FIFTEEN) days.

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